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Posted by (name unknown) on Dec 29th, 2015 9:24am

The announcement this week by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts that they will provide some of the nation's most comprehensive benefits for end-of-life discussions and care is an excellent move that appropriately focuses on both quality of care and quality of life across the board.

It is a compassionate and common sense approach that helps patients first and foremost – as it should. Improved access to information and support surrounding end-of-life can also have the added benefit of helping to manage costs when hospital care may not be needed or desired and other options could serve patients better.

While Medicare will begin covering end-of-life discussions between physicians and patients in 2016, I believe open and honest conversations about a person's end-of-life wishes and care preferences should ideally begin well before age 65, let alone before a person becomes seriously ill. Expanding end-of-life benefits to all patients, regardless of their age, is the right approach.

MHA applauds the Blue Cross effort, and hopes that other insurers state- and nation-wide follow BCBSMA’s great example.

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