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Posted by (name unknown) on Sep 19th, 2016 10:10am

After 80 years representing hospitals throughout the commonwealth – the Massachusetts Hospital Association has changed its name to the Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association. We arrived at the new name after discussion among our membership and board of trustees, who approved the name change at our annual meeting in July.

The change reflects our members’ expanding role within the evolving world of healthcare reform. As the healthcare system becomes more value driven, each component of that system is increasingly focused on maintaining a person’s health throughout their lives – as opposed to healingthem when they fall ill. Because healthcare is team based and collaborative, played out in numerous venues throughout the course of an individual’s life – from neonatal screenings to end-of-life care – we wanted to reflect the multiplicity of health in our name.

With the incorporation of “health” into our new name and identity, MHA will also expand our focus and leadership efforts in public health and wellness, ranging from sweeping health crises such as Zika, natural disasters and the opioid epidemic, to initiatives that place our members at the forefront of efforts to eliminate tobacco use in Massachusetts. And we’re working vigilantly to defeat Question 4 on the November state ballot, which would commercialize the use of recreational marijuana.

The name change also includes a new logo (thank you, Fassino Design of Waltham, MA!) that reflects the contemporary nature of the association’s approach to healthcare and reform in Massachusetts as well as our expanded membership. In addition, the logo’s double “H” appears dynamic and is moving up. This design element was deliberate, signifying that hospitals are in an ascendancy of effectiveness and are stepping up in the arena of “whole person health” through comprehensive healthcare.


Some things won’t change, however. We’ll still be known by the “MHA” acronym because that well-known abbreviation carries strong brand equity that signifies influence and stability in the healthcare and legislative arenas.

Most importantly, we still will remain the state’s most respected advocate for Massachusetts hospitals whether they operate as teaching or community hospitals, post-acute facilities, long-term acutes, inpatient rehabs, public hospitals, investor-owned facilities, safety net or non-safety net hospitals.

Our membership, with hospitals at its core, now increasingly includes non-hospital service providers, such as physician group practices, home health entities, senior living interests, hospice, pharmaceutical, medical device, and imaging businesses, as well as accounting and law firms with healthcare specialties, among many other groups. What unites us all as MHA members is the unwavering commitment to building and maintaining a strong and effective healthcare system. MHA looks forward to working on that collaborative goal in the decades to come.


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