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Posted by (name unknown) on Sep 14th, 2015 10:44am

I am quite heartened by a spate of recent progress made by Massachusetts state and federal lawmakers to address and ease our nation's opioid misuse and addiction crisis.

On Sept.10th, the Massachusetts Senate's Special Committee on Addiction Prevention, Treatment & Recovery Options released a comprehensive report and accompanying legislative recommendations. The day before, two members of our Congressional delegation, Rep. Katherine Clark and Rep. Joe Kennedy III each advanced extremely thoughtful pieces of legislation to target specific concerns stemming from opioid use disorders. MHA strongly supports their passage.

These efforts build upon the work of senior Massachusetts Congressman Sen. Edward Markey, who has been one of the first, strongest and most sustained voices in the national call to address the tragedy of substance use disorders and addiction, which have devastated or destroyed the lives of so many Americans.

The Massachusetts hospital and health system community is a dedicated partner in the campaign to eliminate the misuse of opiates, both in the commonwealth and nationwide. For more than a year, MHA and our care provider members have taken a leading role in the effort to prevent and successfully treat opioid misuse and addiction in Massachusetts through MHA's Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Treatment Task Force, which is focused on working with our providers to find alternatives to prescribing certain opioids depending on the patient's condition as well as improving the communication between providers and their patients about the use and disposal of opioids. Our work is ongoing, and we believe the best approach to this complex and insidious problem is multi-faceted. There are a variety of steps that must be taken, both on the public policy front and through culture change within the healthcare community. MHA's task force is facilitating both needed changes and vital new policies.

The efforts of our state and federal elected leaders complement and enhance MHA's endeavors, as well as our collaborations with other state government leaders, public health organizations and advocates, and community leaders. It is encouraging to see this collaborative "all hands on deck" approach in action.

MHA applauds all this hard work on behalf of our most vulnerable residents, and proudly puts our shoulder to the wheel. We look forward to working with the state legislature, Congress, and leaders throughout the community to enact meaningful tactics to address the ongoing crisis.

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